Zetlan Technologies is the embodiment of Online IT-Training services focusing on Technological training, namely, Programming, Networking, Cloud, Data Analysis, Data Science and Management training. You can refer to the courses and the technologies covered on the courses page.


The terms and conditions may change from time to time. You can keep track of the same through direct updates on the website.

Note– The organisation will share no emails or other alerts regarding the same.


The fee structure of the courses is available on the courses page itself. Zetlan Technologies follows a strictly digital mode of payments. The fee is inclusive of GST (Tax for Indian organisations). The payments made by international students are inclusive of all international taxes and foreign exchange rates. The payment and conversion rate is per the current day’s foreign exchange rate. All refunds are available in the Zetlan Technologies Wallet in case of not abiding by the Zetlan Technologies Refund Policy.


The access to free training is all as per the website products page mentions. You can not claim any other free course except the enrolled courses or products. The free access is also available for a limited period per the respective number of days shared via the websites. Any specific offers received via email or any other platform are available as per the timelines specified directly on the offer list. There are no extensions granted for the same.


One log-in credential set is for single use only. No participant can share the credentials with the other. If found, the services rendered to the said participant shall be deemed and shall hold no refund legibility. If you receive any such information, you need to share it immediately with our Help and Support team. But if the issue under your knowledge goes unreported, the same shall affect both participants involved. The unauthorised usage of the courses and other requirements is duly diligent. The participant is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the account.


As a part of the user database, all participants are eligible to access certain content like- course content, video sessions, notes, practice material, practicals, newsletters, weekly announcements, YouTube videos and more. Any content, be it written, verbal or visual, is copyright of Zetlan Technologies and shall not be reused by any participant. We reserve the right to amend, revise or update the Content and Courseware offered to You. Suppose an amendment, revision or update occurs, we may require you to pay an additional fee to access the amended, revised, or updated Content and Courseware.


Any user sharing personal information (Name, Email, Phone Number, or Course Interests) agrees for the organisation to reach them at any time by hitting the SIGN-UP button. All users agree to the Terms & Conditions of Zetlan Technologies. In case of not abiding by the terms and conditions or ethical behaviour, you shall not be authorised or permitted to proceed with availing the services of Zetlan Technologies. No refunds shall be applicable in case of any user misconduct. Zetlan Technologies gets indicated using “We”, “Us,” or “Our”.